Nothing says "amateur" like poorly crafted text in a business white paper, email newsletter, or blog post. Misspellings, bad grammar, choppy sentences, and unclear ideas can send your prospects to your competitors, instead of them engaging with your business. Our affordable services make it possible for you to put your best foot forward. Let us help you display the professionalism you intend.

Copy Edits/Proofing

Our quick turnaround times mean that you can create your content, deliver it to us via email, and expect timely results on simple copy edits and proofreading. There's no reason to "let your slips show" when our second set of eyes can save you the embarassment.

Technical Content

Our editors have over 25 years experience with technical writing, so we can help you tighten up and optimize the text you need to include in your product help files, online documentation, and printed manuals. Geek-speak doesn't scare us; we can tackle the tech and help you clarify your intent so that your customers are happy and confident users.

Online Content Services

Website Copy

We can not only help you edit and proofread your website copy, we can work in HTML to make edits directly on your site, if required. We understand sales copywriting, so our editing will take into consideration this casual writing style, but not let silly spelling mistakes cost you the sale.

Blog Posts

Blogging is a popular form of writing, but it is no less important that your writing be clear and engaging. We can edit your posts ahead of time so that they're focused, confident, and error-free.

Email Newsletters

Your e-zines are important business tools! Let us help you organize, edit, and proofread your content so that your readers are drawn in. We can work directly in HTML to save time -- no need to send us a separate document containing only the text, unless that's your preference.

Email Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a powerful online marketing tool; they can be simple followup email messages or an entire online course. Our editors can help you select and organize the appropriate content, proofread the results, and work in either text-based or HTML email format.

E-Book Editing

Our editors know Microsoft Word -- the most popular e-book authoring tool -- inside and out. We can help you develop an e-book template, organize the content, edit and proofread the text, format the content, and convert it to Portable Document Format (PDF) for you.

Kindle Formatting -- New!

We can take your original content and prepare it as a Kindle E-Book, ready for submission to We'll advise you on the images and layout, and then prepare the necessary HTML and Kindle tags required to produce the cover, the Table of Contents, and the content. We'll zip up the files and you can submit the e-book at your convenience.

Offline Content Services

Printed Newsletters

If you're spending the bucks to print your newsletters, don't let embarassing errors ruin a good impression. Our content organization, editing, and proofreading skills can help your printed newsletters engage your readers and have them looking forward to the next issue.

Business White Papers

White papers and case studies can be a powerful business tool for products and services that require a longer sales cycle. Our skilled editors can help you organize your product information and showcase the content to your best advantage. We'll proofread and edit the copy so that it is professional and well-crafted.

PowerPoint Presentations

Business presentations need not only engaging visuals, but a well-organized thought process. Let us help you craft your thoughts and eliminate errors. Our PowerPoint skills are top-notch because we've edited thousands of slides. We know how to help your presentation deliver the content your audiences desire.