Have you ever visited a website or read an article and found obvious typos in plain sight? It made you cringe, didn't it? Did you then go back to your office and check your website pages? Your blog posts? Your brochures? No one wants to look foolish, but who has the time and patience to double-check everything?


The quickest way to make your business look unprofessional is to have misspellings, mistakes in grammar, and other errors in the content and materials you present to potential customers. It's a huge turn-off! You can reduce the anxiety by engaging the services of a professional editor. An editor can not only catch obvious mistakes, but can also help you organize your thoughts and help you put your best business information in front of your prospects and customers.

It doesn't have to cost a lot for that professional peace of mind. At Affordable Editing, we make it possible for you to have well-crafted text in your printed and online materials without breaking your budget. Our expert editors have decades of experience with both online and printed content editing, and we provide timely results that give your business that professional polish.

How We Work

Each time you ask us to edit something for you, it's considered a "project." We use an online project management system that keeps you informed of our progress so you're never wondering "how things are going." Each project is customized to fit your schedule and budget, so you're assured of getting the best possible prices.

The first time we work together, we set up an account for you with your contact information, and assign a project number. We review the details you supply us about your project, give you an estimate, set up payment arrangements, and schedule time with our editors to complete your project. You can see all the details in your online agreement, and approve the project to continue. Once the project is complete, we'll return the finished files, and you can pay online with your major credit card, or through PayPal.

The next time you ask for editing help, we will already have your contact details on file, so that speeds up the process of project assignment, scheduling, and approvals. It couldn't be easier!


Need More Than Just Editing?

Need help with more than just copy edits? Our expert editors can work with you to develop and organize content for e-books, manuals, and other large projects. We can also assist with research, writing, and/or re-writing existing text to match your expectations.

Hourly Rates, Project Rates, and Retainers

At Affordable Editing, we're flexible! We care about your business success, so we have several choices for rates and billing.

Most projects are quoted using our hourly rate schedule. For large projects (50 pages or more), we recommend having us edit a small sample of the project (usually 10 pages) so that we can properly determine the amount of work involved and give you an accurate time and cost estimate. Once you receive that edited sample, we can mutually decide to proceed with the rest of the project. Standard hourly rates apply for editing project samples.

For smaller projects requiring simple services such as Basic Copyediting or Proofreading, we may quote you a flat rate for the entire project. That simplifies scheduling and billing for both parties.


If you expect to have a regular volume of work, we can set up a retainer agreement that streamlines the flow of content between your company and Affordable Editing. Retainer agreements make it possible for us to give your company volume discounts and automated billing.

Ready to Get Started?

Yes! Let's get to work on your next project. Just give us a call at 1-877-486-6543 to discuss details.