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A Haven for Lovers of the English Language

We had to do it! After seeing misspellings, bad grammar, and poor punctuation in advertising, newspapers, and even from professional broadcasters, McAlister and I felt it was time to do our part to pull the American English language back from the brink of destruction. We decided to create this blog where you can get mini-lessons on the proper use of English.

As paid professional writers and editors, we've seen just about everything that can go wrong with sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar. It's time to take a stand and say "Enough!" Wake up, America, and start speaking in complete sentences!

My late father was a middle school English teacher when he first started teaching in the public schools. Prior to that, he was a pastor who delivered sermons every Sunday. So I grew up in a household where my siblings and I were taught, even as tiny tots, to speak clearly and distinctly. I don't think my parents even considered using "baby talk" with us.

McAlister, our Lead Editor, attended some of the best Catholic schools in all of Chicago, where priests and nuns enforced good grammar with very direct means. McAlister used to stay up late reading the dictionary and following cross-references for fun. As a result, we both benefitted from a strong education in the English language, and we'd like to share our good fortune in that regard.

"Snore!" you may be saying, "how boring is this?" Well, let me tell you that knowing proper grammar and speaking English well will, without doubt, set you apart from others, and give you advantages in job applications, promotions at work, written communications, and public speaking.

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